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ACTIVE Filing (INC-22A)

Every company registered on or before 31st December 2017, is required to file Form INC 22A (ACTIVE).  So, ACTIVE stands for Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification. The purpose of filing this Form is to tell the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) that the your company is still active because proving sometime existence is necessary.

So, there are lot of complexities involved with filing this form. Not filing FORM INC 22A ACTIVE before the due date (15th June 2019) because if you don’t, there are several penalties that you should be aware of.

MCA Latest Announcement

Further, as per MCA latest circular, now the companies can File ACTIVE Form (INC-22A) without any government fee or penalty.

And afterward, you can contact the skies with your business. We can be reached for Annual Compliance for Companies, Registrations, Copyright etc. Now, File MCA INC-22A (ACTIVE) without penalty since MCA has waived off the penalty on filing of these forms till 30th September 2020.


  1. Additional fees of INR 10,000/-,
  2. The Company shall be marked as ACTIVE Non-Compliant in the MCA database; and
  3. Further, the company shall not be allowed to file below forms:
    1. SH-7: Intimation of change in share capital, and
    2. PAS-3: Intimation for the return of allotment, and
    3. DIR-12: Intimation of changes in KMPs and directors.
    4. INC-22: Intimation of Changing the registered address.
    5. INC-28: Intimation of Court order notice under competent authority.

Documents required

Similarly, below-mentioned documents are required for instance :
1. Longitude and latitude of the registered office of the company; and
2. In addition, 3 photographs of the Company’s registered office which means 1 external, 1 internal and 1 internal with the Director of the company; and
3. Similarly, DSC of the Director ; and
4. After that, details of the director(s), Company secretaries and KMPs (Key management Personnel).

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