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7 Digital Signatures + 3 DIN Numbers + MOA + AOA + Certificate of Incorporation + GST Registration + PAN + TAN + PF & ESI Registration + Shop Act Registration + Bank account Open

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Nidhi Company Registration

INR 6,999/- or more Exclusive of Govt Fees, No hidden Charges

Free Name search Certificate of Incorporation
Free Consultancy GST Registration
7 Digital Signatures PAN & TAN
3 DIN of directors Bank Account Open

* Stamp duty Extra for States: Punjab, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim

* Charges extra for NRI/Foreign Directors or companies having foreign investment

Nidhi Company Registration

INR 6,999 /-
  • Exclusive of Govt Fees
  • No Hidden Cost
  • Registration in just 5 days

Nidhi Company Registration in India

Nidhi Company is a business substance in India represented under the Companies Act 2013. It sole goal is to connect with frugality and investment funds among its individuals. A Nidhi Company is a Non Banking Financial Institute that gives administrations like Lending and stores to its individuals solely. In this way, it tends to be said a Nidhi Company in India just comprises of financing from its individuals and investors.

Beginning a Nidhi Company in India means beginning a class of Non Banking Financial Companies. They are administered under Reserve Bank of India. This body enlightens the enrolled Nidhi Company rules regarding loaning and keeping exercises. In any case, Nidhi Companies can just arrangement with their own individuals. In this manner outside individuals are not permitted.

Why you should enroll a Nidhi Company?

Nidhi Company is one of the business elements that appreciate a few advantages of the Companies. Coming up next are those advantages that make Nidhi Company Registration a significant valuable undertaking:

  1. Simple Access to credits: As a Nidhi Company is a perceived foundation by the Central government; it is confided in additional by the banks. In this way, when you register a Nidhi Company, it is simple for you to obtain advances and different sorts of discoveries.
  2. Continued Existence: A Nidhi Company appreciates a proceeded with presence even after one of the chiefs is perished.
  3. Simple to incorporate: The Incorporation of a Nidhi Company is very simple. It is following the standard strategy of Company Registration in India.
  4. Separate lawful Identity: After the arrangement of a Nidhi Company, it turns into a different legitimate character in India. It tends to be said that a Nidhi Company turns into a different person who will most likely possess a property, contribute and so on.

Restricted Liability: A Nidhi Company appreciates constrained risk for its individuals. This implies in case of misfortune, the individuals from the Nidhi Company won’t have their own benefits hurt.

Through Nidhi Company Incorporation, you can essentially begin your very own common store business. On the off chance that it is the thing that you need to do, contact Registrationwala and let us handle Nidhi Company Registration.

Required Documents for Nidhi Company Registration

Following are the archives required for organization consolidation for every executive/investor

  • Self-attested copy of Pan Card of all Shareholders/ Directors
  • Self-attested copy of Voter ID/Driving License/ Passport of all Shareholders/Directors
  • Copy of latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill/ Mobile Bill or Bank statement (entry within 2 months)
  • Mobile Number and Email ID of all Shareholders/ Directors
  • Passport size photograph of all Shareholders/ Directors
  • Main objects of the Company
  • Five Name of the Company in the order of preference
  • Shareholding /Ownership pattern of the Company
  • Pan and Aadhar Card of Owner of premises where registered office shall be situated
  • Latest Electricity Bill of premises where registered office of company shall be situated
  • Place of Birth
  • Duration of stay at present address
  • Educational Qualification
  • Occupation
  • Any other documents, as required by Registrar of Companies

What we Do?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Receiving Documents & Apply, DIN & DSC
1 Day
Drafting MOA and AOA electronically in Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC-34)
2-3 Days
Submission of Spice Form INC-32 along with link Form Spice MOA (INC-33) and Spice AOA (INC-34)
3 to 4 Days
Certificate Of Incorporation, PAN & TAN
5 Day

Cheapest Price Guaranteed | All Inclusive | No Hidden Cost

For a Partnership Firm

1999/-All Inclusive
  • Drafting of Partnership Deed
  • PAN of the Entity
  • GST of the Entity
  • MSME Certificate of the Entity

Private Limited Company

3499/-Excluding Govt. Fees
  • DIN & DSC For 2 Directors
  • PAN, TAN & GST Regn
  • Name Search & Approval
  • MOA & AOA of Entity
  • Certificate of Incorporation from Registrar of Companies
  • Shop & Establishment Regn
  • PF & ESI Registration
  • Bank Account Open

One Person Company (OPC)

2999/-Excluding Govt. Fees
  • DIN & DSC For 1 Director
  • PAN, TAN & GST Regn
  • Name Search & Approval
  • MOA & AOA of Entity
  • Certificate of Incorporation from Registrar of Companies
  • Shop & Establishment Regn
  • PF & ESI Registration
  • Bank Account Open

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

4999/-Excluding Govt. Fees
  • DPIN & DSC For 2 Partners
  • PAN, TAN & GST Regn
  • Name Search & Approval
  • LLP Agreement drafting
  • Certificate of Incorporation from Registrar of Companies

Compare Forms of Business

Check advantages and disadvantages of Common Business Entity Types

Features Private Limited Company One Person Company LLP Partnership Firm Proprietorship Firm
Separate Legal Entity
Limited Liability
Number of Members 2-200 1 2- Unlimited 2-20 1
Number of Directors/DP 2-15 1-15 2- Unlimited Not Applicable Not Applicable
Foreign Investment (FDI)
Ownership Transfer ability
Perpetual Existence
Tax Benefits Effective Effective Low Low Good
Statutory Compliance High High Low Minimum Minimum