One Person Company Registration in Delhi India

INR 6,999 /- Exclusive of GST, No hidden Charges

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Free Company Name Search Name Application Filing
Free Consultancy Certificate of Incorporation
2 DSC, PAN & TAN MOA & AOA of company
DIN Number of 1 Director Share Certificate
* Stamp duty Extra for States: Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Sikkim, Kerala
* Charges extra for NRI/Foreign Directors/ company involving foreign direct investment

One Person Company Registration in Delhi India

INR 6,999 /-ONLY
  • No Govt. Fees
  • OPC Registration in just 10-12 Days

One Person Company Registration in Delhi NCR

As the name suggests, an OPC or One Person Company is a kind of business where the One person company has only one member. In One Person Company Registration, it can have one or more director. When any individual does not want to partner his business with someone else he can choose the One Person Company Registration at very low cost and fly with colors, so he can achieve his dreams.

The meaning of a One Person Company is given Section 3 (62) of the Companies Act, 2013, which states: “One Person Company means a company which has only one Member”. Contrary to Private Limited Company, the One person company can be run by only one director unlike two directors in private limited company. Be that as it may, similar to a private limited company, the OPC registration in India provides you with Limited Liability.

One Person Company Registration in Delhi India can be categorized as follows:

  1. OPC limited with Guarantee
  2. OPC limited with Share Capital
  3. OPC unlimited Company

After the One Person Company registration, there are following advantages that can be achieved:

  1. Limited Liability: The One person company has limited liability to its liabilities.
  2. Separate Legal entity: The One person company is different from its owner or shareholder.
  3. Less number of compliance: For a One Person Company, the quantity of compliance is less.

Before you register One Person Company Registration in Delhi India, there are a few necessities that you have to look out for. Following are the OPC registration necessities that you have to know:

  1. Only one director
  2. One one shareholder
  3. No minimum paid up share capital

These insignificant prerequisites make the One Person Company Registration in Delhi India very open, however yet, still hard for non-professionals.

In this way, COTAXO is here to help. We are a group of driving business specialists in India. Through our One Person Company Registration process, your OPC can be begun on schedule and your fantasy your performance organization can be figured it out.

One Person Company Registration in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore India at very low price & get MOA, AOA, DSC, DIN, COI, PAN, TAN, GST, PF, ESI etc. We can also help you other services like Dematerialization of shares, GST Compliances etc. Further, Cotaxo is very professional in GST Compliances

Required Documents for One Person Company Registration in Delhi NCR, Mumbai

For Directors/Nominee

  • Copy of PAN Card; and
  • Identity Proof (Driving License or Passport or Voter ID Card); and
  • Address Proof (Latest Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill or Electricity Bill or Bank statement (entry should be there in within 2 months)); and
  • Passport Size Photo of director/Nominee

For Registered Office

  • Ownership Proof (Latest Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill or Electricity Bill or Gas Bill); and
  • NOC (We shall provide you the format); and

What we Do?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Receiving Documents & Apply, DIN & DSC
1-2 Days
Drafting MOA and AOA electronically in Spice MOA  and Spice AOA
3-5 Days
Submission of Spice Form INC-32 along with link Form Spice MOA  and Spice AOA
6 to 9 Days
Certificate Of Incorporation, PAN & TAN
10 to 12 Days

1. What is the difference between One Person Company and Other Forms of Business?

We have prepared a detailed and easy to understand comparative table showing availability of features and advantages of one form of business to that of others. The same can be found at the end of this page

2. What is a nomination in OPC Registration?

Since only one person is the shareholder of the OPC hence, hence at the time of incorporation of a one-person company, any other person is nominated as the nominee with their consent.

3. What is the turnover limit for a one-person company?

The OPC Can have an average turnover of Rs. 2 Crores for three years if the turnover exceeds the limit then the same need to mandatory convert as a normal company.

4. Who can be a Nominee?

Nominee can be anyone, such as your spouse, father, mother, daughter, brothers, sisters etc., but they should hold proper identity proofs such as PAN card, Voter id or Passport or Driving License etc., in order to be appointed as Nominees for One Person Company.

5. Who cannot form an OPC?

A Minor, Foreign citizen, Indian, Non-resident, a person incapacitate to contract are restricted from Forming a One Person Company.

6. Can Foreign Direct Investment be done in OPC?

No, FDI is not allowed for One Person Company, if it does then it will lose its very nature of One Person Company.

7. Is there any mandatory condition when the OPC has to change itself into Private or Public company?

If the paid-up share capital of an OPC exceeds by 50 Lakh rupees or if the annual turnover of the OPC exceeds by 2 Crore Rupees in relevant period then the OPC has to convert itself into Private Limited Company or Public Limited Company mandatory.
8. What if a person becomes the member or nominee of two or more OPC’s?
If a person becomes member or nominee of 2 or more than 2 OPC’s then he has to withdraw his membership from the OPC within 182 days.

Compare Forms of Business

Check advantages and disadvantages of Common Business Entity Types

Features Private Limited Company One Person Company LLP Partnership Firm Proprietorship Firm
Separate Legal Entity
Limited Liability
Number of Members 2-200 1 2- Unlimited 2-20 1
Number of Directors/DP 2-15 1-15 2- Unlimited Not Applicable Not Applicable
Foreign Investment (FDI)
Ownership Transfer ability
Perpetual Existence
Tax Benefits Effective Effective Low Low Good
Statutory Compliance High High Low Minimum Minimum

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INR 6,999/-ONLY
  • Ideal for Sole Promoters
  • 1 Director & 1 Nominee is required
  • Initial Investment not required
  • Few Tax Advantages
  • Moderate Compliances
  • Time taken Approx 7 to 8 days


INR 7,999/-ONLY
  • Ideal for Startups and Small Companies
  • 2 Shareholders/Directors
  • Initial Investment not required
  • Few Tax Advantages
  • Stringent Compliances
  • Time taken Approx 7 to 8 days


INR 7,499/-ONLY
  • Ideal for Professionals
  • 2 Partners/Designated Partners
  • Initial Investment not required
  • Few Tax Advantages
  • Less Compliance
  • Time taken Approx 7 to 8 days