The desires of entrepreneurs among the youth are growing in the middle class in India. Technology has opened up business opportunities and made business management easier. The Indian government has also come up with various programs to encourage entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is a very rewarding time to start a business in India.

The first step in starting a new business is the thinking phase. During this time, the entrepreneur will look at ideas for starting a new business and strengthening his plans. Thereafter, the related market, product / service details provided, competition, staff availability, funding, infrastructure, etc. should be carefully researched. The business idea will be built on research done and finally found an app.

To ensure that a new business is given a good start, it is important to consult a consultant with specialized experience in dealing with startups. They can understand your business plan and advise you on legal entity selection, licenses, sponsorship, tax and compliance.

CoTaxo is focused on providing startup advisory support. Our advisors are available for you to answer a variety of questions you may have about legal, business licenses, subsidies, income tax, GST and labor law compliance.