Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration

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Trademark Registration

A trademark is an imprint that interestingly recognizes you, your business, your items or the administrations that your give. Plainly expressed, it is a sign of your exchange. It is your image. There are numerous ways for you to characterize your image. You can utilize a name as your trademark, you can utilize a smell, you can utilize a shape or you can utilize a picture. Despite your decision, you will have a one of a kind personality. That being stated, it is likewise imperative to secure this personality through trademark enlistment in India.

What is trademark enlistment? It is an IPR or a licensed innovation right. It is a directly through which you can be the select proprietor of your trademark according to the law. Subsequently:

  1. You will have selective responsibility for imprint.
  2. The instances of trademark encroachment can diminish.
  3. You can dole out your trademark and subsequently, sell it.
  4. You can permit your trademark to another person.

Long point short, through trademark enlistment online you can the selective ideal to utilize your imprint for your exchange. In the event that, by some coincidence, somebody attempts to utilize your imprint, you can document a resistance body of evidence against that somebody for budgetary harms.

Be that as it may, so as to relax in these trademark enrollment benefits, you have to get the enlistment first. The means of such an enrollment are as per the following:

1. To begin with, you have to record the trademark enrollment application. When documenting this application, you have to ensure that you approach every one of the necessities to be specific:

  1. Your ID evidence
  2. The Digital Signature testament
  3. Your imprint
  4. Your location evidence.

2. Presenting the application prompts the Registrar of Trademarks getting it. The analyst at that point checks the application and cautiously makes and assessment report.

3. The assessment report can either yield positive or negative outcomes. You will be told about the report by the division. Or then again, you should make a trademark enrollment enquiry to find the solutions.

4. The trademark application is acknowledged, it will be distributed in the trademark diary.

5. Once in the diary, it will stay distributed for 4 months. During this period, the overall population can check the diary.

6. On the off chance that the overall population don’t restrict you attempting to enlist the trademark, you trademark will be enrolled.

As you may have officially accumulated, basic laymen won’t probably direct the technique of trademark enrollment. You can attempt, yet for ensured results, you need the guide of trademark enlistment specialists.

CoTaxo is a group of such trademark enrollment specialists. We will compose your archives, we will document your application and until your trademark is distributed, we will be with you at all times, a few.

For further trademark enrollment enquiries, you can contact our specialists.

or Individual/Startups
  • Identity proof and
  • Business registration document
For Company/Partnership/LLP
  • Shops Establishment License
  • Certificate of Incorporation and
  • Address proof of the company
For Partnership firm
  • The Partnership Deed
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Collect information Application drafting Changes and confirmation Filing of application
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