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Welcome to CoTaxo.com

Since we won’t meet eye to eye, it is imperative to set out the conditions of the understanding plainly ahead of time.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries about CoTaxo, kindly don’t waver to reach us. In this understanding, we have alluded to the CoTaxo administration as the “administration”, to you as the “client” and to our understanding as the “understanding”.

In the event that you wish to utilize our “Regular Needs” highlight, you attest that you are over 18 years old and are completely capable and equipped to go into the terms, conditions, commitments, confirmations, portrayals, and guarantees resulting to the production of the archives, and know about the equivalent. Compassionately call us for further help.


CoTaxo is a web entryway that encourages correspondence between lawful experts and potential clients of legitimate administrations. CoTaxo goes about as a scene for suppliers and buyers of legitimate administrations to trade data with the objective of in the long run shaping an expert relationship. CoTaxo does not ensure that clients will effectively discover a supporter/legal counselor/lawyer through this framework. CoTaxo takes no position and offers no feeling on when or if a legal advisor customer relationship has been shaped. So as to give an ideal gathering to legal advisors and customers, CoTaxo does not include itself in the understandings among attorneys and customers or the real portrayal of customers. In this manner, we can’t guarantee the finishing of the understanding or the respectability of either party. The client, and not CoTaxo, is exclusively in charge of evaluating the respectability, genuineness, and dependability of all people with whom the client conveys on this administration.

(a) Disclaimer of legal advisor customer relationship CoTaxo isn’t an operator of a specific legal counselor. It just encourages the correspondence of legal advisors and potential customers. Any electronic correspondence sent to CoTaxo alone won’t make a legal advisor customer connection between the client and CoTaxo, such being explicitly denied.

(b) CoTaxo does not advance any User. CoTaxo looks to enable each poor defendant to discover a legal counselor most appropriate to his/her needs. CoTaxo isn’t planned to be a wellspring of promoting or sales and the substance of the site ought not be understood as legitimate exhortation. CoTaxo may prescribe a buying in attorney in the event that he coordinates a client’s prerequisites, yet not something else. Transmission, receipt or utilization of CoTaxo does not establish or make a legal advisor customer relationship. No beneficiaries of substance from this site should act, or cease from acting, in light of any or the majority of the substance of this site. We welcome the client to ponder the profiles of legal counselors autonomously and settle on an educated decision.

(c) Specifically, CoTaxo does not give any road to sales CoTaxo conceals data about customers from legal counselors until the customer speaks with the legal counselor legitimately or on the web. In this way, the attorney isn’t permitted to see private data about potential customers.

(d) CoTaxo does not give Legal Advice CoTaxo ‘Regular Needs’ element utilizes just client provided substance to create essential records. The data gave in the ‘FAQs’ segment additionally does not add up to legitimate guidance, such only being usually gotten some information about Will making, Lease Agreement drafting, Check Dishonor sees, Money recuperation sees, Power of Attorney to gather lease and different reports which might be added every once in a while. Clients are encouraged to counsel a legal advisor on the off chance that they need specific direction on any of these reports.

(e) ‘Basic Needs’- Resale of Forms Prohibited CoTaxo awards you a constrained, individual, non-elite, non-transferable permit to utilize our “Normal Needs” highlight for your very own utilization, or in the event that you are a lawyer or expert, for your customer. Aside from as generally gave, you recognize and concur that you reserve no privilege to adjust, alter, duplicate, replicate, make subordinate works of, figure out, change, improve or in any capacity misuse any of the Forms in any way, with the exception of alterations in rounding out the Forms for your approved use. By requesting a record from CoTaxo, you concur that the archive you buy may just be utilized by you for your own or business use or utilized by you regarding your customer and may not be sold or redistributed without the express composed assent of CoTaxo. Exchanging or disseminating without authorization adds up to an infringement of CoTaxo selective copyright and is at risk to indictment.

(f) Disclaimer of portrayals by clients CoTaxo makes no portrayal, assurance, or guarantee (express or suggested) with regards to the lawful capacity, skill, or nature of portrayal which might be given by any of the legal advisors or law offices which are recorded through this site or any offshoot thereof.


The clients of CoTaxo are allowed a nonexclusive, constrained appropriate to access and utilize the administration as per the guidelines that are portrayed in this agreement. So as to keep this framework alluring and helpful for all clients, it is significant that clients pursue the standards of the framework. CoTaxo claims all authority to deny further access to its support of any client who abuses these standards, is the subject of grumblings by other CoTaxo clients or for some other reason. Clients occupied with any of the accompanying exercises on our framework won’t go on without serious consequences:

  • Foul or generally improper language. · Racist, contemptuous, or generally hostile remarks. · Promote or give instructional data about illicit exercises, or advancing physical mischief or damage against any gathering or person. · Defame any individual or gathering which incorporates individuals all things considered, races, religions, and nationalities. · Violate the privileges of another, including yet not restricted to the protected innovation privileges of another. This incorporates utilizing the administration for demonstrations of copyright, trademark, patent, prized formula, or other licensed innovation encroachment, including yet not constrained to offering pilfered PC projects or connections to such projects, data used to dodge producer introduced duplicate secure gadgets, including sequential or enrollment numbers for programming programs, or any kind of wafer utilities (this additionally incorporates documents which are exclusively expected for game imitating). · Violate Internet gauges. · Use the administration for showing pestering, harsh, compromising, unsafe, foul, vulgar, or convoluted material or attacking other’s protection. · Interfere with or upsetting the administration or servers or systems associated with the administration by presenting commercials or connections on contending administrations, transmitting “garbage mail”, “spam”, “junk letters”, or spontaneous mass dispersion of email. · Compromise the security of the administration CoTaxo gives. Kindly don’t attempt to access framework zones private to CoTaxo, or to different clients.

(a) Disclaimer of data got on the Service CoTaxo furnishes legal counselors and potential customers with a discussion whereby individuals who need lawful portrayal or help are associated with suppliers of it. CoTaxo is an asset for instructive purposes and is planned, however not guaranteed or destined to be right, finished, and exceptional. The precision, fulfillment or ampleness of CoTaxo isn’t justified or ensured. CoTaxo further accept no obligation for the elucidation and additionally utilization of the data contained on this site. The proprietor of this site does not plan joins from this webpage to different sites to be referrals to, supports of, or affiliations with the connected substances. CoTaxo isn’t in charge of, and makes no portrayals or guarantees about the substance of sites to which connections might be given from this site.

CoTaxo will bend over backward to guarantee that special material of a client attempting to advance himself on the site is erased. Aside from this, the conclusions and perspectives communicated are those of the individual clients of the administration and don’t mirror those of CoTaxo. Information put together by different clients (lay people) isn’t confirmed or investigated in any capacity before it shows up on the CoTaxo site. It would be ideal if you use due alert when utilizing this site.

CoTaxo bends over backward to confirm that legal counselors who buy in to the administration are authorized and on favorable terms with the neighborhood bar at the season of enlistment. Be that as it may, CoTaxo can’t follow, confirm, or screen the remaining of every legal advisor utilizing the Service. In this way, CoTaxo makes no portrayal with respect to the status, standing or capacity of any legal advisor or law office that is recorded on the site.

Clients are asked to make their very own free examination and assessment of any attorney or law office being considered. The assurance of the requirement for lawful administrations and the decision of a legal counselor are critical choices and ought not be founded exclusively on cases of ability, or on the expense of rendering the mentioned lawful administrations. CoTaxo isn’t in charge of, and not the slightest bit supports any portrayal or sign of specialization or constraint of training by a legal advisor or law office. Endeavors will be made to dodge false data, yet please know that no organization or board may have confirmed such attorney as a master or master in any demonstrated field of law practice. Moreover, an attorney guaranteeing specialization isn’t really any more equipped than different legal counselors. It is dependent upon the client to scrutinize the legal advisors on the verifiable premise of any announcement they make, request the names of the confirming organizations, and check all data.

Clients are urged to utilize alert when assessing any data put together by attorneys and different gatherings. In spite of the fact that CoTaxo expects legal advisors to consent to all guidelines overseeing legal advisor lead, it is demon

  1. Impediments ON USE

The substance of CoTaxo are for individual utilize just and not for business misuse. You may not decompile, figure out, dismantle, lease, rent, credit, sell, sublicense, or make subsidiary works from CoTaxo. Nor may you utilize any system checking or disclosure programming to decide the site design, or concentrate data about utilization or clients. You may not utilize any robot, creepy crawly, other programmed gadget, or manual procedure to screen or duplicate the substance without taking earlier composed consent from CoTaxo. You may not duplicate, change, recreate, republish, appropriate, show, or transmit for business, non-benefit or open purposes all or any bit of CoTaxo, but to the degree allowed previously. You may not utilize or generally fare or re-send out CoTaxo or any part accessible on or through CoTaxo infringing upon the fare control laws and guidelines of India. Any unapproved utilization of CoTaxo or its substance is denied.

  1. Classification

CoTaxo bends over backward to keep up the secrecy of any data put together by clients to our framework and our database of attorneys. The client is anyway cautioned that the utilization of the web or email for secret or touchy data is helpless to dangers that unavoidably emerge on this medium. Moreover, on the grounds that CoTaxo can’t control the lead of others, we can’t ensure that this data will stay classified. It would be ideal if you use alert in choosing what data to enter into the System. Try not to make any admissions or affirmations. The client ought to ideally depict their issue or question in the general terms as it were. Explicit data should just be uncovered after the client has chosen a promoter/legal advisor/lawyer and reached outside the administration (for example by means of phone or arrangement). Buying in legal counselors utilizing this administration should abstain from requesting that any client uncover a particular or secret data through the administration. CoTaxo isn’t in charge of the discharge or inappropriate utilization of such data by clients or any discharge because of blunder or disappointment in the System.

VII. Repayment

The client concurs that CoTaxo isn’t in charge of any damage that his/her utilization of this administration may cause. The client consents to reimburse, safeguard, and hold CoTaxo innocuous from and against all obligation and expenses brought about regarding any misfortune, risk, guarantee, request, harm, and costs emerging from or regarding the substance or utilization of the administration. The client concurs that this resistance and repayment will likewise apply to any rupture by the client of the understanding or the previous portrayals, guarantees and contracts. The client further concurs that this resistance and repayment will incorporate without constraint legal advisor expenses and expenses. The client likewise concurs that this barrier and reimbursement will apply to CoTaxo, its organizers, officials and workers. CoTaxo saves the right, at its own cost, to accept the selective protection and control of any issue generally subject to reimbursement by the client and the client will in no occasion settle any issue without the composed assent of CoTaxo.

VIII. Correspondences AND OTHER DATA

CoTaxo isn’t in charge of any loss of information coming about because of unplanned or purposeful cancellation, system or framework blackouts, reinforcement disappointment, record defilement, or some other reasons.


By transferring substance to or presenting any materials for use on CoTaxo, you award (or warrant that the proprietor of such rights has explicitly conceded) CoTaxo a never-ending, eminence free, irreversible, non-restrictive right and permit to utilize, recreate, change, adjust, distribute, decipher, make subordinate works from and appropriate such materials or fuse such materials into any structure, medium, or innovation currently known or later created. CoTaxo anyway gives an affirmation that any data of a delicate sort won’t be purposefully uncovered and uncovered to any outsider.


With the exception of as explicitly gave in these terms and conditions, nothing contained thus will be interpreted as giving any permit or ideal, by suggestion, estoppels or something else, under copyright or other protected innovation rights. The client concurs that the substance and Web Site are ensured by copyright, trademark, administration imprints, licenses or other restrictive rights and laws. The client recognizes and concurs that the client is allowed to utilize this material and data just as explicitly approved by CoTaxo, and may not duplicate, replicate, transmit, disseminate, or make subordinate works of such substance or data without express approval. The client recognizes and concurs that CoTaxo can show pictures and content all through the Service. Clients can’t remove and distribute any data from the framework, either electronically or in print, without the consent of CoTaxo and the authorization of all other concerned gatherings. This is anything but a total rundown – different things on the framework are likewise CoTaxo property. Contact CoTaxo before duplicating anything from the framework with plans of replicating it or circulating it.

  1. Connecting TO COTAXO.COM

Clients are free to give connects to the landing page of CoTaxo, if they don’t evacuate or cloud, by encircling or something else, any segment of the landing page and that you suspend giving connects to the site whenever mentioned by CoTaxo.

XII. Publicists

CoTaxo may contain publicizing and sponsorship. Publicists and backers are in charge of guaranteeing that material submitted for consideration on CoTaxo is exact and consents to relevant laws. CoTaxo won’t be in charge of the lawlessness of or any mistake or incorrectness in publicists’ or backers’ materials.

XIII. Enlistment

Certain segments of CoTaxo may expect you to enroll. On the off chance that enrollment is mentioned, you consent to give CoTaxo exact and complete enlistment data. It is your duty to advise CoTaxo regarding any progressions to that data. Every enlistment is for a solitary individual just, except if explicitly assigned generally on the enrollment page. CoTaxo does not allow a) some other individual utilizing the enlisted segments under your name; or b) access through a solitary name being made accessible to various clients on a system. You are in charge of avoiding such unapproved use. On the off chance that you accept there has been unapproved use, it would be ideal if you tell CoTaxo promptly by reaching us. On the off chance that we locate that unapproved use is being made of CoTaxo and the administrations we give, the privilege of any or numerous clients might be ended.


CoTaxo does not speak to or warrant that the administration will be without blunder, free of infections or other hurtful parts, or that deformities will be rectified. CoTaxo may make upgrades or potentially changes to its highlights, usefulness or administration whenever.

  1. Outsider CONTENT

Outsider substance may show up on CoTaxo or might be open by means of connections from CoTaxo. CoTaxo isn’t in charge of and expect no risk for any mix-ups, errors of law, maligning, defame, defamation, oversights, lie, indecency or irreverence in the announcements, suppositions, portrayals or some other type of data contained in any outsider substance showing up on CoTaxo. You comprehend that the data and sentiments in the outsider substance is neither embraced by nor does it mirror the conviction of CoTaxo.


CoTaxo claims all authority to explore grievances or revealed infringement of the Agreement and to make any move CoTaxo considers proper including however not restricted to announcing any presumed unlawful action to law implementation authorities, controllers, or other outsiders and unveiling any data essential or suitable to such people or elements identifying with client profiles, email addresses, utilization history, posted materials, IP locations and traffic data.

XVII. Solutions for VIOLATIONS

CoTaxo claims all authority to look for all cures accessible at law and in value for infringement of the Agreement, including however not constrained to one side to square access from a specific Internet address to CoTaxo and its highlights.


The client comprehends that an enlisted legal advisor won’t almost certainly and won’t play out a check for irreconcilable situations between the client and different customers of the enrolled legal counselor preceding reacting to a solicitation. Strife checks require the client to give their name and contact data and the personality of any partnered substances, contradicting people and elements, and such other data as a legal advisor may require. Struggle checks by an enrolled legal counselor who gets data from the client through this administration are impractical since entries by the client to the buying in legal advisor are not adequate to empower the buying in legal advisor to lead such a check.


The Agreement and the Privacy Policy comprise the whole concurrence as for the utilization of the administration given by CoTaxo. In the event that any arrangement of these terms and conditions is unlawful, void or unenforceable then that arrangement will be considered severable from the rest of the arrangements and will not influence their legitimacy and enforceability.

  1. Alterations TO TERMS OF USE

CoTaxo may change the understanding whenever. The client will be in charge of checking the Terms and Conditions before use. Utilization of the administration after the change will show acknowledgment of the new terms and conditions.

XXI. Adjustments TO SERVICE

CoTaxo claims all authority to alter or suspend, briefly or forever, the administration with or without notice to the client. The client concurs that CoTaxo will not be at risk to the client or any outsider for any alteration or discontinuance of the administration. The client recognizes and concurs that any end of administration under any arrangement of this understanding might be affected without earlier notice, and recognizes and concurs that CoTaxo may promptly erase information and records in the client’s record and bar any further access to such documents or the Service.


An extraordinary threat for CoTaxo, and for all administrators of online frameworks, is that we may be considered responsible for the improper activities of our clients. In the event that one client slanders another client, the harmed client may accuse us, despite the fact that the principal client was extremely to blame. On the off chance that a client transfers a program with a PC infection, and the other clients’ PCs are harmed, we may be accused despite the fact that a client left the infection on our System. On the off chance that a client transmits illicit or ill-advised data then onto the next client, we may be accused despite the fact that we didn’t do anything more than unwittingly convey the message starting with one client to another. Likewise, we need all clients to acknowledge obligation regarding their own demonstrations, and to acknowledge that a demonstration by another client that harms them must not be accused on us, however just on the other client.

In spite of the fact that it is the objective of CoTaxo to give clients dependable and quality frameworks, we may commit errors or experience framework disappointment every once in a while. Such issues are inescapable in working an arrangement of this size. We would not have the option to make this framework accessible to clients in the event that we needed to acknowledge fault or monetary risk for any convenience issues, framework disappointments or blunders, or mix-ups or harms of any sort. So as to keep offering and improving our administration, CoTaxo must deny any guarantees on this administration and express that our obligation for any issues associated with the utilization of our framework is carefully constrained.

These necessities are cultivated by the accompanying disclaimers:

(a) Disclaimer of Warranties The client explicitly concurs that utilization of the administration is at the client’s sole hazard. The administration is given on an “as seems to be” and “as accessible” premise. CoTaxo explicitly disavows all guarantees of any sort, regardless of whether express or inferred, including, yet not restricted to the suggested guarantees of merchantability, qualification for a specific reason and non-encroachment. CoTaxo makes no guarantee that the administration will meet a client’s necessities, that the administration will be continuous, auspicious, secure, or mistake free; nor does CoTaxo make any guarantee with regards to the outcomes that might be acquired from the utilization of the administration or with regards to the precision or unwavering quality of any data got through the administration or that deformities in the product will be rectified. CoTaxo makes no guarantee in regards to any products or administrations bought or data got through the administration or any exchanges went into through the administration.

No counsel or data, regardless of whether oral or composed, gotten by the User from CoTaxo will make any guarantee not explicitly expressed in this.

(b) Limitation of Liability The client concurs that CoTaxo will not be at risk for any immediate, backhanded, coincidental, extraordinary or important harms coming about because of the utilization or the failure to utilize the administration or for the expense of acquirement of substitute products and ventures or coming about because of any merchandise or administrations bought or got or messages got or exchanges went into through or from the administration or coming about because of unapproved access to or adjustment of client’s transmissions or information, including, yet not restricted to harms for loss of benefits, use, information or different intangibles, regardless of whether CoTaxo has been educated with respect to the likelihood of such harms. The client further concurs that CoTaxo will not be at risk for any harms emerging from interference, suspension or end of administration, including, yet not restricted to immediate, roundabout, accidental, exceptional, significant or excellent harms, regardless of whether such intrusion, suspension or end was supported, careless, purposeful or incidental.

XXIV. Intervention

Any contention or case emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement or CoTaxo administrations will be settled by restricting Arbitration as per laws of India. Any such debate or guarantee will be parleyed on an individual premise, and will not be merged in any discretion with any case or contention of some other gathering. Some other contest or contradiction of a lawful sort will likewise be chosen as per the laws of India, and the Courts of Noida, India will have purview in every single such case.

XXV. Proprietorship

This Site is possessed and worked by CoTaxo. Good, title and enthusiasm for and to the materials gave on this Site, including yet not constrained to data, records, logos, designs, sounds and pictures (the “Materials”) are possessed by CoTaxo. Aside from as generally explicitly given by CoTaxo, none of the materials might be duplicated, replicated, republished, downloaded, transferred, posted, showed, transmitted or dispersed in any capacity and nothing on this Site will be translated to give any permit under any of CoTaxo’s licensed innovation rights, regardless of whether by estoppel, suggestion or something else. Get in touch with us in the event that you have any inquiries regarding acquiring such licenses. CoTaxo does not sell, permit, rent or generally give any of the materials other than those explicitly recognized as being given by CoTaxo. Any rights not explicitly allowed in this are saved by CoTaxo.


This understanding establishes the whole and entire understanding among client and CoTaxo, and is proposed as a total and select proclamation of the particulars of the understanding. This understanding will supplant every other correspondence among CoTaxo and its clients concerning the topic about and overrides and replaces all earlier or contemporaneous understandings or understandings, composed or oral, in regards to such topic. On the off chance that whenever you discover these Terms and Conditions inadmissible or in the event that you don’t consent to these Terms and Conditions, kindly don’t utilize this Site. We may overhaul these Terms and Conditions whenever without notice to you. It is your duty to audit these Terms and Conditions intermittently.

By utilizing CoTaxo benefits or getting to the CoTaxo site, you recognize that you have perused these terms and conditions and consent to be bound by them.

XXVII. Repayment

You consent to protect, repay and hold innocuous CoTaxo, our officials, chiefs, investors, representatives and specialists from and against any cases, liabilities, harms, misfortunes or costs, including sensible lawyers’ charges and expenses, emerging out of or in any capacity associated with your entrance to or utilization of the site and the materials.


We endeavor to guarantee that the administrations you benefit through our site are to your full fulfillment, and are the best in the Industry at amazingly sensible and moderate rates. Be that as it may, there may emerge circumstances when you want a discount. Initially, when you pay for the administrations however later on conclude that you don’t wish to profit them. Also, when there is a postponement in the administrations offered from our side, past the time allotment we have hinted to you, because of human mistake i.e., factors for which we are exclusively dependable. Thirdly, in spite of the fact that we exceptionally question it, you may discover our administrations inadmissible. In every one of the three circumstances, sympathetically send in an email to on the Ticket that has been made in your name, denoting a duplicate to info@CoTaxo.com We might want to explain that solitary discounts of the expert expenses part of the charges paid by you will be considered for a discount.

After getting your mail, the Senior Management at CoTaxo will settle on whether your solicitation for a discount ought to be prepared, dependent upon the purposes behind such a solicitation. If it’s not too much trouble note that we maintain whatever authority is needed to take the last and restricting choice as to demands for discount. Above all, we wish to explain that in cases beyond our ability to do anything about, including yet not restricted to national occasions, office occasions, delays with respect to the Government of India, the separate State Governments, Our partners or somewhere else, demonstrations of war, demonstrations of God, seismic tremor, revolt, harm, work deficiency or debate, web interference, control disturbance, absence of telephone organize network, specialized disappointments, breakage of ocean link, hacking, theft, we will not at risk for any deferrals. In the event that we affirm your solicitation for discount, subject to the terms and conditions referenced thus or somewhere else, we will send you an email looking for the subtleties required to discount the sum which may incorporate your Bank Account subtleties, for example, the record number and the IFS code of the branch being referred to. Benevolently note that it will take us at least around 48-72 working hours from the receipt of all such data to process the discount and initate the exchange. We emphasize by and by that solitary the expert charges paid for our administrations will be discounted, subject to the prudence of the Senior Management at CoTaxo.com

We guarantee you that we are constantly attempting to improve our administrations and are we are welcome to any proposals from your end. For some other questions please contact out client administration work area at cotaxocon@gmail.com